Hello, thanks for dropping by.


My name is Denise Tonner and I am an artist in Vancouver, Canada.


I have a background in printmaking and have sold hundreds of original monotypes, etchings and digital prints through artist-run printmaking cooperatives in Vancouver.  


I have a degree in linguistics and worked for many years as an ESL instructor in a university setting. That work has given me a fascination for languages and cultures. During that period, I took many courses at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and also completed online classes in illustration.  Currently, I primarily black and white monotypes with spot colour.  My illustrations can be described as charming, quirky and fun.  


I am looking for work - especially black and white interiors for chapter books.  



We love getting new art for Neverland, and this whimsical monotype by Denise Tonner just had to go up front by our favourite table. We love air balloons and teacups and cats and this piece just feels so fresh and light. Reminds us spring is coming and life is meant to be a fun adventure!

Neverland Tea Salon

I just looked at the sketches. This is just so lovely. Thank you so very much for taking up the project. I am so excited to see how it will look with the colouring:) I think it will be perfect for my story.

Thank you once again! This is really exciting.